Hill County Fitting Station is located at HELP Committee/Boys & Girls Club of the Hi-Line 500 1st Ave/P.O. Box 68 Havre, MT 59501
The Family Fitting Station relies on donations to be able to provide child safety seats at reduced costs and provide installation instructions. In order to keep the services available and ensure that we are able to provide as many child safety seats as possible, we suggest that parents provide a minimum donation equivalent to half the cost of the child safety seat, $25.00. A larger donation is always acceptable and appreciated!
Buckle-Up Montana Coordinator: Mary Owens Phone:(406)265-6206 ext.308 Email: maryo@bgchi-line.com


What is the Family Safety Fitting Station & Why should I go there?
  • The Fitting Station provides a location where a parent or guardian can have a child safety seat inspected, fitted correctly, and even obtain one if needed. Remember, if your child has outgrown the child safety seat or booster, or if it is incorrectly installed in your vehicle, it will not properly protect your child in the event of a crash.
  • Our Child Passenger Safety Technicians are trained and certified in correctly installing child safety seats and booster seats. In Montana, 90% of all child safety seats are installed and/or used incorrectly. Incompatibilities between safety seats and vehicles are common and pose a potential risk of injury in a crash.
  • We make it a priority to keep informed about child passenger safety, including recalled child safety seats.
  • Check you owner’s manual for an expiration date. Old child safety seats can degrade and be dangerous to use beyond the expiration date.
Fitting Station Policies
  1. All appointments need to be made in advance. Clients who walk in will be encouraged to make an appointment for a future date.
  2. Each child may get one (1) child safety seat every two years; child safety seats need to be switched between vehicles. The Fitting Station is not responsible for providing multiple child safety seats to various family members for the same child.
  3. Having the child present ensures the best installation. If it is not possible to have the child present, the height and weight of the child will be required. A future appointment to recheck the child safety seat, and the child’s positioning in it, will be required.
  4. Families may have child safety seat rechecks and multiple installation instructions when needed, such as for multiple vehicles.
  5. Every child safety seat obtained through the Fitting Station requires that the adult recipient be instructed by the CPS technician to install the seat. The adult recipient will be able to demonstrate that he/she can reinstall the seat. The goal is to empower the caregiver to understand the installation procedure. The Fitting Station is an educational service, not an installation service.
  6. The Fitting Station is not responsible for damaged or defective child safety seats. Each child safety seat provided by the coalition will have a registration card sent in at the time of the installation. If it is later proven the child safety seat is defective or unusable, it is the manufacturer's responsibility to make necessary adjustments.
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