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Right Kid, Right Place

The YRC program provides numerous benefits to youth, including:
  • Diverts youth from secure detention
  • Youth learn how to make better decisions and behave more appropriately
  • Provides structure and guidance in a safe environment
  • Keeps youth in school
  • Delivers programs to educate and guide youth
  • Involves parents and guardians
  • Helps to lower recidivism and failure to appear rates
  • Provides positive interaction among adults and development of competency skills
  • Daily supervision
  • Tutoring, career explorations, job skill development, recreation, health education, anger management/conflict resolution, life skills, are a few of the targeted areas to assist young offenders to break patterns of delinquent behavior and to replace them with life competencies
  • Youth will have an opportunity to make restitution for their wrong doings
  • Youth will have the opportunity to learn that no crime is victimless, and the effects these sorts of behaviors have on the individuals, families and community
In addition, parents and the community benefit as follows:
  • Youth are taught to become more productive citizens
  • Resources are channeled into helping youth remain in the community and with families
  • Youth provide needed community services
  • Parents, and guardians are involved in plans to help themselves and their children
  • Youth are closely monitored to ensure community safety
  • Youth have a chance to regain good standing in the community
  • Youth have a chance to build relationships in a positive light
Since 2007 the Hill County youth detention rates have decreased by 58%